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Photo excursion Day

Today I finally told myself I need to get out and practice with my camera! The Fog was beautiful by the water, when I first went down to Havre de Grace at 8:30am but when I went to take a picture i realized there was no card in my camera! lesson learned is too always have a back card or two in my car!

So after sitting , reading some notes from a photography class that I took a few years ago and enjoying, the fog; i decided to go Volunteer for a bit at my children's school and then I would head down to the Joe K trail in Havre de Grace for a walk with the dog and check out the scenery.

I Have decided to do this at least once a week, two or three days if its possible! I will keep updating this blog with new pictures each time I go out! I am excited to be focusing on my photography and I know it will show in my business!

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